Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tip #5: Be prepared to sweat (at least at the beginning)

When you start going carless you are going to find that your body is going to hate you. The inertia that's been your fat ass is now being moved by ONE Person Power instead of 165 Horse Powers, and chances are your engine is a little weak from non-use. Add to the fact that fat is insulation, chances are you are going to be hot and you're going to sweat. Get use to it at least at the beginning. You'll have to excuse yourself when meeting people that you need a few minutes to cool down and compose yourself. Most people will be intrigued by what you are doing.

If you stick with being carfree, you will start finding yourself sweating less over time, and you may actually find yourself with more energy. When they talk about a New York City pace of life, it's not because they're all driving. It's because they're all walking. Chances are your clothes will start to feel looser, though you may gain weight as your muscles develop.

So when you're starting to go car free

1) Leave a few extra minutes to arrive early for cool down and to freshen up.
2) Add a few synthetics to your wardrobe that can be found at hiking and camping stores. They'll be lighter and breathe. Don't worry styles have improved and varied so you won't end up looking like Rick Steves all the time (not there is anything wrong with that look). Since after all what are you doing but street hiking.


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