Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tip #6: Use time opportunistically

Your commute and transport time will change not only in duration and timing, it will change in character. Now you will be capabable of truly multitasking, not just talking on the phone. These times instead of being moments of boredom can be used to do the following:

- to rest and recover
- get some small chores done such as balancing your checkbook or paying your bills
- catch up magazines
- plan the day
- if you have access to wireless internet, either via your cell phone or mobile wifi check your email. I have successfully instant messaged with people on Caltrain via my computer going through bluetooth to my phone. New EV-DO and 3G networks will allow reasonable download of email. If you are fortunate to have a Motorola Q or Blackberry device.
- Exercise (comes for free)

The best thing to do is to use the time to do anything that you would do normally, and getting it done while commuting means your other time is free of that.

If you have a hard time using your new found time, there is a cult, ehm I mean system known as "Getting Things Done" by David Allen that is highly recommended. If you are in technology or business, the secret handshake is to say "GTD" and if they respond you know they are member of the tribe. Though to be honest sometime the best thing in life is to "Get Nothing Done" or GND.


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