Friday, September 08, 2006

What does a car say about you and dating..

My friend and I are having a spirited discussion about what kind of car I should buy, and he's made the point that my research choices are all over the map. Which they are. We also discussed but not in these particular words debated whether a car was plumage like a peacock's tail, and is it a good signal for the capabilities of a mate to women. Later a series of article links were sent that if you studied evolutionary biology make perfect sense (Melvin Konner's "Why the Reckless Survive" is a non-technical introduction illustrating the same evolutionary ideals, or go rent "Baby it's you") . If you can "afford" the expensive car even if it bankrupts you, you at least appear that you have the means. You must be a good catch, works for gigantic antlers, works for a M5. Here are some interesting links that were traded...


Are these good signifiers, is it shallow, or is it just common sense. How does that answer influence going carless?


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