Friday, September 08, 2006

Discovering Traffic Again..

Today I walked 2 miles to the car rental place and I capitulated because this weekend I have a huge number of things to pick up for a party and I am test driving cars in earnest to make my final decision on purchasing a car.

Miles Walked: 2.25
Miles Mooched: 0
Miles Driven: A million (probably 35)

I learned that weekends you can rent a car really cheaply at Enterprise for $14.62 per day over the weekend. That is amazingly cheap.For me to do carshare, I'd have to find a liability policy for rental only.

The other thing I discovered was that I hate traffic. During rush hour, I've been able to go on side streets on my bike and it took about the same time. Now getting home way after rush hour, it was nice to not have to worry about riding in the dark.

I have to say it is strangely odd driving again, I covered a huge amount of territory my world is larger and in many ways with fewer constraints. Every trip I took was over 7 miles today. My goal is to keep trips < 3 on my bike unless I am getting a lot of stuff. We'll see if this is a successful midyear resolution. Too tired to be coherent. May edit later. If not, let this be a record of the impact of fatigue on blog posts.


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