Thursday, September 21, 2006

Nowhere to run, but then again no reason to hide..

I'm on a business trip and leaving Bay Area reminds me of how the vast majority of the U.S. lives and that's with cars. I've been completely trapped in my hotel, unable to take a simple walk to somewhere. Instead, I've been hopping in my rental (which by the way is a PT Cruiser and a fun car to be seen in I'm still trying to decide if it is a fun car to drive in. Interestingly there are about a dozen in the hotel parking lot which tells me either they are not selling and they are giving fleet discounts, or they just figure they want to give business people something fun to drive since they probably would never but one themselves -- boy have I digressed -- which is completely in character).

One of the few times that I run is when I'm on business travel. I don't have to prep much and it beats the days when I use to try to plan ahead and bring my fencing gear and find a club. Ironically, driving in there are a lot of lovely fields and trees, but there is nowhere to run, the roads have no shoulder and there are no sidewalks. Unfortunately, my hotel is in the middle of a commercial district too. Theoretically I could hop in my rental and drive to some neighborhood to go running. But then that would mean I would have to find a neighborhood. It's a "good" thing that there is a workout room, but the treadmill is brain deadening.

Equally ironic, I contrast that to when I had a business trip that placed me in downtown London and I could run all round the city on sidewalks and into Hyde Park without problem. I could run without a pause and no one noticed me, and the most odd is thing is that people drove on the other (wrong?) side of the road. Look left, look left, look left.

Go figure, go to a city to find a place to run, go to the country and hop in a car to find somewhere to run. The world has gone upside down.


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