Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Man Does Not Live by Work Alone...

I've gotten a few people who've asked me why I capitulated and bought a car. After all the pontification, it seems to be a let down. The truth is that I had pretty much got living without a car down, that is I was getting down, since if all life was comprised of was work and buying groceries and running local errands, it'd be great. But unfortunately my life only started with those items and didn't end there.

It was getting harder and harder to maintain a semblance of a social life depending on others. At a certain point reality set in. I seriously debated living a car rental experience, but in the end it became simpler to just buy a car. I also capitulated in a moment of weakness which I'll explain in another post.

The long and short is that man does not live by work and survival alone, and the world I live in here in the Bay Area needs cars, at least occasionally.


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