Saturday, October 14, 2006

The games we play....

Well, I've had the car for almost a month, and I'm still riding my bike to work most days (60%) and to get around. When the weather and my sleep cycle permits I riding my bike to swim practice. From the surface it's commendable, but a lot of it happens because I rig it in the bike's favor. One of the funny things is that after all my hand wringing about buying a car, buying a new car vs buying a used car. The new car tipped things in favor of me riding my bike. It works this way,

I have a garage, and the old adage that America is the place where people put junk in their garages so they can park their nice cars in their driveways. Well I was no different, except that my car wasn't a nice one. It was an old one. So my car went outside and my junk went inside.

Well my new car, is well new, and as much as I hate to say it, I like it. It's fun. It eeked out on my MPG rating. So I want to keep it nice, so after a bout of discardia, I cleaned it up and now I park my car in the garage. Only problem is that I don't have an automatic garage door opener, and the only way to lock the garage is from the inside. Meaning everytime I take my car out, I have to go back in to lock it, and everytime I bring it back in, I have to go in to unlock it. So in short, it's a pain.

Old crappy car, park it outside and take it whenever I want to. New car, park it inside and take it only when the drive is long enough, otherwise door to door, the bike wins. Ironically, we really are creatures of lowest energy even when it take more of our own.

I could get an automatic garage door opener, but I don't, since it forces me to ride short trips. Ahh, the games that we play.

Go figure.


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