Sunday, October 22, 2006

Update and Excuses....

Well, the posts are getting fewer and fewer, but that's mostly job responsibilities. I was talking to a friend who recounted the story that they were going car free until they said, you know I still want to go on dates. Ahh, some motivations are universal.

I'm still riding my bike to work most days. Meaning during lunch, I usually get a ride or eat at my desk. The lack of mobility has changed my rhythms. You adjust, but the architecture of our society makes the car an assumption, almost implicit. It's actually explicit if you have read Kunstler's "Geography of Nowhere" you'll remember that zoning of strip malls mandates minimum parking per square foot requirements.

OK, new excuses not for me but for not carpooling with me, this is what I was told...

I went up to San Francisco the other day to go to a friend's party. We really have a large area to cover. I did manage to convince one person to carpool up with me, but if i wasn't driving she wasn't going. So not sure I actually reduced the car count. But not a one passenger vehicle so I was happy. Someone said to me, well I can't carpool, I get motion sickness so I'll drive myself.


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