Sunday, October 22, 2006

To See and Be Seen...

No this isn't a post about Hollywood and the movie business. But another problem. Mornings. Well I have a lot of problem with mornings, the first and foremost is that it's well the morning. Yeah, dawn is nice and pretty and all, but it's cold, I'm groggy, I have to get out of my warm bed. But worse, as we move through the fall we have to deal with darkness.

A friend of mine recently changed jobs and was doing the bike to work thing and was doing it conscientously. But the other day, he almost got ran over by a sonambulent driver. I can sympathize so I won't be too harsh. My friend blamed it on the darkness, and is back to driving. I too have risked the morning ride going to practice.

I have a head lamp which helps a lot. But still being seen is important. Parallel paths make a big difference. The dilemma of geography and sunlight in order to make car free carefree.

Coming soon, car free nirvana.....New York City here I come!!!!!


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