Saturday, October 28, 2006

Carfree in Ithaca....

I'm back visiting my alma mater in Ithaca, NY before I head to car free nirvana of New York City. I'm staying at a grad students house and it's close to the Cornell Campus, and there is such a thrill of walking everywhere even if it's cold and rainy. I get to see the lovely fall leaves change color, something I don't see all the time in California. the leaves don't really change color there.

There is something about a Campus where you can get different things within in walking distance, could we organize a suburb to be like a campus?


At 12:10 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cornell/Collegetown is a great place to exist carfree. Many fond memories of the simple life there 1987-91. Not very convenient grocery-wise, but that's what dining halls are for. I think big reason most places don't or can't resemble the walkable compactness of the college campus is due to zoning laws which, although perhaps well-intentioned in the early 20th century, totally f'd up chances for integrated communities as suburbs sprawled and segregated functions such as retail and residence without providing public transport connectors. "New urbanism" and "mixed use zoning" seek to fix the sorry situation, but for most places it might be too late.


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