Thursday, November 16, 2006

Walking the Walk, talking the talk.

So what can make you go carless or at least less car. The winter months when it's getting darker and darker makes me wonder. I've been busy at work trying to figure out how to get my big corporate behemoth signed up to two interesting programs offered by local mass transit organizations.

The first is the Caltrain Go Pass where employers buy a transit pass for all the employees at a site and that allows employees to take Caltrain whenever. Very cool.

The other is the VTA Eco Pass which offers the same terms for Santa Clara county VTA light rail and buses.

Would free transit motivate people to take the train more often. I know that I could run to downtown Mountain View for lunch, if time isn't an issue. Oh well, we'll see if I can convince HR to buckle.


On an unrelated note, one of the great things about BART and Caltrain is that you can take both to get to baseball games. With the Oakland A's moving to nowhere in particular (Fremont), you'll have to have a car to get there. One of the great things about ballparks is they are often in dense places with lots of energy, restaurants, bars etc. The new As stadium area seems to be empty. I was hoping for more like AT&T/PacBell/SBC whatever the next merger calls it, or the charm of Fenway. Only time will tell if the new park has all the charm of a Shopping mall. People on foot makes places exciting!


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