Monday, November 06, 2006

Boo! Some belated scary statistics about cars...

My friend R sent me some interesting (read scary) statistics about commuting by car. Should have posted these for Halloween but running late which is my norm..I wish I could quote a source...

Commuting and Your Health

Scary Stats

Ghosts, goblins and witches are pretty scary, but check out these frightening facts:

Did you know … ?

Commuters prone to heart attacks face triple the risk of having a heart attack within an hour of being in traffic. (New England Journal of Medicine, October 21, 2004)

159 million Americans (55 percent of the population) live where they are exposed to unhealthy levels of ozone air pollution. (EPA Green Book 2004)

Exposure to traffic-related pollution, such as exhaust from cars, trucks and school buses increases a child’s risk of respiratory complications as well as a lifetime risk of cancer. (American Academy of Pediatrics, December 6, 2004)

But … !

Walking two miles a day can reduce your chances of a heart attack by 28 percent. (Brookes University Health Walks Research)

Walking to work gives you a 20 percent less chance of getting breast cancer, a 30 percent less chance of developing heart disease, a 50 percent less chance of diabetes, and would help you live longer and healthier into old age. (Nurse’s Health Study, Archives of Internal Medicine; New England Journal of Medicine)

A daily walk or bike ride to your bus, train or carpool will give you a great opportunity to stretch your legs and exercise your heart.


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