Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What do you risk for what you believe....

Since I've gotten back from Ithaca and New York, I've really enjoyed the idea of the freedom from cars. There is something about taking the world in a human scale, and to not be torn by the mild guilt of driving. Granted it's not much that a cute smile won't overcome, but still the guilt remains. I also love the joy of riding a bicycle, it really is an amazingly simple pleasure to move with the wind in your face under your own power, it feels...honest.

The past two days I've been able to ride my bike to work, even rode to my polling place in the opposite direction. Each day, I've been under the illusion that I would leave early while daylight remained, and each day I've been wrong. The sun sets too early now. I get on my bike and ride home, I have lights that I wear, but the interesting thing is in the daylight I'm mentally invisible in drivers eyes, at night I'm physically invisible despite my best efforts. How can I tell, cars no longer veer away from me giving me wide berth, they just zoom right by. When I make a left turn, I worry that they won't see me and barrel right into me. I was rear ended in broad daylight in my car when I was at a complete stop. It can happen.

For the first time in this experiment, I feel at risk. Intellectually, I know the odds are likely I'll be ok. But in my gut, I feel like a speed bump at night. I ride a lot within town, but the ride to and from work is dark, no lights, and straight aways begging for speed.

Is the dark worth it? Is the price of the choice worth it. Do I realistically have a choice anymore during the winter season? Something to mull over.


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