Monday, December 25, 2006

Drowning in Packaging....

It's the holidays and I'm finishing up cleaning up the place. I have been a bit of a buying spree lately, blame Google Checkout for that, there were just too many good deals, and I hate to say it the consumerist in me can't pass a good deal, I mean a really good deal like a video tuner card for free (except tax or shipping so about $5) and this really cool bluetooth wireless stereo broadcast system that plays music across the room from my ipod to my speakers (like $12, it should have been cheaper but I accidentally paid for shipping). Don't like a song, I just change it on my iPod. Very very addictive these savings. Unfortunatelt, it's also very un-carbon free. I am absolutely flummoxed by the amount of boxes, inserts, adverts, and plastic balloony things that replaced packing peanuts (I miss the biodegradable corn stuff of the past).

No I do an occasional ebay or amazon marketplace thing, so I keep a lot of packaging. But how much do we need. Standardized packaging has led to an incredible amount of efficency in the supply chain and delivery, at the risk of inefficient waste.

And even packaged foods are the same way, I like Trader Joe's Microwaveable Indian treats (quick dinner) and there is a box and a aluminum baggie inside.

Convenience is really inconvenient if try not to mindless throw stuff away (don't get me started, I looked in the garbage today and there were recyclables in there, and the recycle bins are right beside the dumpster!)

I don't want to live like a hermit, an ascetic but I don't want to live like an eco-monster. What to do, what to do. I keep canvas bags in the car. I try to reuse plastic bags for veggies. So what else can I do, what else can I do?


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