Friday, March 09, 2007

The Just too good to pass up reason to buy.

I guess this is where I get confessional (confessing on a blog -- imagine that!) and that's buying stuff because it's cheap, or just too dang good a value to pass up. This is the kind of buying where you see something on close out, or loss leader special pricing and can't not pick it up. I see this with technology all the time, something goes on closeout and you just buy it because it's so cheap, erh value priced. But the kicker is you don't need it, you buy it just because you think it'll never get cheaper. But of course it might, or it truly is a good deal but you won't use it meaning it's a bad deal. Or else you think it's so cheap, I'll figure out something to do with it. But you never do.

Marketers know there are people who just can't pass up a good deal. The other trick of accumulating too much is when you "buy to bonus" either in the form of buy one get one free promotions, or special gift with purchase kind of behavior. You think what a great value it is and it sucks you in. Guilty.

I probably exacerbate this by visiting sales sites like

Ways to not get sucked in to the compulsion to buy because it's such a steal...

1. Become conscious of what you truly need and want. Advertising can create Beach Boys shopping "Wouldn't it be nice..." feelings in you. One way is to never buy without asking, if I never saw this ad, would I have even imagined buying this to solve a problem or want I already had that existed. Chances no. I do this by keeping a "buy list" on my computer and in my wallet. Everytime I think I want something, I'll write it down. And only when I see myself coming back to it in different contexts will I approve it and buy when it's on sale or when I really need it.

2. Think of the last yard sale you visited, imagine you hosting that yard sale. Yeah, scary.


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