Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"Second Life" carbon free style...

If you live in Silicon Valley, you have undoubtedly heard of Second Life, the virtual world where people spend real money, meet real virtual girlfriends (go figure that one out) and do lots of other things. My question is where do they throw their garbage out? Do they have virtual landfills? Virtual sewage, virtual smog?

But the next Green Revolution is "Second Life" carbon free. What can you do with things that have spent their first life being used. This being spring there have been a lot of posts on lifehacker on creating seedling pots out of newspapers. I've blogged that earlier. I've been reusing scratch paper, but that's easy. Those "Page a Day" calendars make great notepads. What are some other second lives that can be given to things we use but once? Can we do something with old pens? How about Long Play records. I've seen people make bowls out of old albums?


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