Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A good idea, too bad it wasn't mine.

The other day I talked about about subsidies to not drive and I was so proud that I was original. The bummer is that it wasn't but cool thing is that people are doing it now. Today, McPaper (I mean USA Today - Happy 25th) had an article that talks about a Georgia Program called "Cash for Commuters" that pays people not to drive.

The cash got people to stop driving, but the comraderie, the convenience, the enforced schedule kept people carpooling after the cash was gone. There is something powerful about saying, hey my carpool is leaving boss, got to wait until tomorrow. Sometime too much flexibility is a bad thing.

The Clean Air Campaign that runs the "Cash for Commuters" program has a great website that is a resource. The article in McPaper was triggered by a study that showed that we are spending more time stuck in traffic and how much it is costing us.

Glad to hear that someone is trying driving subsidies.


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