Friday, September 07, 2007

And the worm turns...

The New York Times (what else?) has an Op Ed piece on the joys of composting. It's funny since a friend was telling me the other day about the under the sink composter he uses.

I put in my calendar a note about a local composting seminar. Now I have a back patio with some dirt that could be used for composting. I tried leaving one of those allegedly biodegradable plasticware spoons out to see if it would break down (no).

I fear that if I compost indoors, my dang fruit fly challenges would come back.

But back to the piece. this is a great quote

Waste is the partner of consumption, and consumption is the sin and substance of the suburbs. The worm box was an attempt to exploit a trickle of that Amazonian abundance.

Do worms ease our conscience?

I have been giving second life to the forsale email list at work, that reuses. But is there a fourth 'R' "return to earth"?


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