Sunday, August 26, 2007

"be my carbon offset"

I can only remember the tune vaguely and not at all the lyrics to Canadian fun band "Bare Naked Ladies" "Be My Yoko Ono" but carbon offsets are really nebulous, i've talked about that before. So instead of planting a tree to offset your carbon, how about paying someone else to stop driving or drive less. So they take your miles off the road. You don't want to stop driving, can't afford the time, maybe someone else can afford the hit in lifestyle if you paid them. So let me be your carbon off set baby or in the words of the Beatles, "Baby you can ride my bike, someone else is driving my miles..."

With all due respect to the Words & music by steven page & ed robertson, "Be my carbon offset"

If there's somewhere you can drive without, then do so.
And if theres someone you can just step and walk out, do so.

You can be my Carbon Offset
You can follow me wherever I transit
Be my, be my, be my carbon offset.

Isnt it beautiful to see two people walk away?
Barenaked as two virgins hand in hand and hand and foot on pave.
Now that Im far away it doesnt seem to me to be such a pain.
Not driving's not like some kind of ball and chain.


Oh no, here we go, our life is just one big pun.
Oh no, here we go as yoko sings

I know that when I say this
I may be stepping on pavement instead of gas pedal.
But I dont like all these people
Slagging you for melting the earth.
(dont blame it on my driving everywhere!)
If I was driving and you were walking,
I would gladly give up my wheels for you,
Just to have you as my walking shoes.
(hit it!)


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