Thursday, July 05, 2007

Being ready for reuse...

My last post, I talked about Ikea saying you should bring your own bag. Some tips for being prepared and ready are the following.

1) Keep extra bags in the trunk of your car so when you need them, they are there. Also be sure to take them back to the car when they are in your kitchen. I put my bags right by the door.

2) If you have only one or two items, skip the bag entirely. You have hands, especially if the trip it just to your car.

3) For coffee, keep a few resusable cups around, leave one in the car. Peet's will rinse it out with hot water so don't worry about it getting too grungy. If you have a bag with a water bottle pouch, keep one there too.

It doesn't take too long for it to become second nature....Good Luck... "Let's be carbonfree out there. " (sic) Sgt. Esterhaus


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