Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Boy am I going to be in debt....

Not fiscal debt, but carbon debt...I'm going to be heading to Singapore tomorrow and I punched in my impact into one of the many carbon calculators, and my generally carbon life existence that had me under the average goes to the other side. I was walking with friends this weekend and we were chatting about how much we love travel, and some of our mixed feelings about the endeavor as we learn more.

And that goes to the theme of this blog, kiss an engineer because they are going to rescue us. We're not going to be able to Makes me want to go back to my roots. The internet took 25 years before it took off, and it was a series of technologies sitting right under our noses, until we had the kicker. We have the really cool LED lights and hybrid engines, and better vegetarian cooking, it's just a matter of finding the kicker when it becomes normal and we'll go gee we've had this for a long time, what took us so long.


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