Sunday, April 29, 2007

Indulge Me...

at least a little bit. That's the charge being levied against those who are buying Carbon Offset credits, are very much like the indulgences that were purchased prior to the reformation. They are not wrong. And the low on sacrifice, heavy on the consumerism rings true. Old habits die hard, look at all the obese people who say they want to be thin....Human nature is a very weak willed thing, so I think there is a bit of people casting stones in glass houses. As I get older I realize the following:

"Good is the enemy of great" but "Best is the enemy of better"

Like a good coach, our aim is improvement, Kaizen in Toyota Speak, or a culture of continuous improvement. If Toyota dismissed all the legitimate criticisms of thy Hybrid program they would have never started, you can always ask me to be better, but you can never ask me to be perfect (and no, this is not going to anyone in particular who doesn't read my blog).

Let's focus on finding ways we can can lighten our carbon footprint, indulge me, but keep asking more, I know I will.


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