Thursday, June 14, 2007

Back stateside, and going driving...

Well yesterday I returned to California. I was far too tired yesterday to go run errands, so I didn't drive yet. This morning is going to be interesting as I re-enter the states. No downstairs subway, no 10 minute walk by hawker stands, no Tuk Tuk waiting to whisk me away. Instead I will be driving. It's going to be interesting to see that my time in motion will be be no longer be one I can sit and wonder, I will have to pay attention. No endless drafting of texts during my rides, (or more accurately no more addictive miniature golf on my phone)

Yesterday, a friend offered me a ride from the airport instead of the train station, 20 miles vs 2 miles. I told him that it's ok, since it sort of defeats one of the purposes which was to reduce carbon emissions. Though the amount I emitted (or my share via airplanes, well I'm trying not to think about it)

The infrastructure around shapes our lives, we just live in different distances. With a driving world we have drive throughs, in a walking world we have ice cream carts and street side stalls. I'm going to miss my Magnolia Ice Cream wafer bars. The Corn Ice cream was yummy.

Well I'm back and it's time to go shopping, more on that tomorrow.

In the words of William Gibson, I must endure soul delay right now.


At 5:08 PM , Blogger Johnny Chen said...

welcome back charles.. hope you enjoyed the food in Singapore. was it as good as i said it would be?


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