Friday, November 02, 2007

Save the Date: November 15 - America 3R Day

OK, well not exactly 3Rs, but November 15 is America Recycles Day as sponsored by the National Recycling Coalition. It is a day to heighten people's awareness of recycling and how recycling works. It's a day to encourage people to recycle and buy products using recycled raw materials.

But why wait for a good thing if you know it's a good thing, you might as well start now. Technically NRD is about recycling, but I'd also encourage the other two Rs, Reduce and Reuse.

Reduce - Pause before you buy something and ask, do you really need it? Can you borrow it, can you get it from the library?

Reuse - if something is just sitting in your house unused and it's not going to get used. Consider "Freecycling" it, by offering it to the community for someone who could use it, or someone who will just freecycle it again.

Lastly be generous, while buying less stuff feel free to spend on more experiences. Life is about cycles and paying it forward.


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