Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Five for Footprints....

I've been hanging around some of the carfree sites and mailing lists, and I really admire the passion of these sites. But there's a downside in that perfection is a hard task master and it scares most away. The "nothing or nothing" spirit is too much for the most devoted and converted. And to be honest there just aren't enough of the faithful to make a difference. What can make a difference is lots of people changing, and the only way to get there is little steps. Five little steps, or more accurately five little percent steps.

Here is the challenge to "Five for Footprints" and that is to reduce your work driving trips by 5 percent. Now at first glance that 5 percent sounds like a lot, or maybe it sounds like a little. But what it is is doable. And here's how, FIVE percent is 1 trip in 20. You're done. Sounds easy, one out of every 20 days you find another way to work where you share the ride.

Sounds hard, here's another way to think about it. 1 in 20 trips, is about one day a month. Still sound hard, well you might be right. So here's another challenge to make it easier, find a work buddy to make it easier. Out of 20 co-workers find one to do it with you to cheer you on.

If you want, find ways to walk more on that day, and really make it "Five for Footprints"

The next few posts, I'll be sharing some ideas on how you can make "Five for Footprints" happen for you.


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