Thursday, September 20, 2007

The romance of going carbon free...

The San Francisco Chronicle has an article from AP on the Lights Out San Francisco project where for an hour on October 20, you turn off all non-essential lighting. I'll most likely be in NY when it happens, but it'll be neat to see a dimmer city and maybe see more stars. To add to the romance of the stars, some restaurants will be holding candle light dinners as well, so a good excuse to smooch someone to say thank you for conserving.

The Lights Out project started in Sydney, and the founders of LOSF decided to try it in San Francisco. The event in Sydney is done annually during Earth Hour.

As positive as that seems, I'm going to leave on a bit of a downer note. Thomas Friedman writes in the newly liberated op-ed section of the NYT about the challenge to the planet doesn't lie in our hands, but in the hands of everyone who wants the life we have now. Just like they bypassed landlines for phones and went directly to mobile, may be they can have the good life more efficiently.

Now that' something to be hopeful for.


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