Thursday, January 17, 2008

Biohazard Zone and Idea House

Sorry I haven't been posting for awhile. I've been under the weather and not terribly green (well to be honest, I've been looking very green at times, but not because of ecofriendliness). The number of trees that have died to keep me in tissue is probably equivalent to many old growth forests. And tossing those tissues into compost probably would have created a biohazard zone.

Yeah, It's been yucky. Well prior to my descent into muckiness, I was able to visit Sunset Magazine's Idea House 2007 that showcased a lot of new green technologies. Some of them were very cool, at least to me such as using an endless pool in the middle of the house as a heat sink to keep heat for the evening. Though me being a swimmer probably biased that as well.

Some other things that were very cool was a water collection system that cycled rainwater and grey water for re-use as irrigation. A combination of solar photovoltaics and passive solar that used Ultraviolet for energy was very hot. And the fact that the passive solar array used UV meant that even in San Francisco foggy days, heating still took place.

There is a lot of mainstreaming of these technologies before they can go into wide use at a lower cost. It's sad that to take advantage of these green technologies means being rich and hate to break it to the world. There are more non-rich than rich.

Regardless of the cost, it's good they exist. The Sunset house admission is $20, and is a donation. However, you can also volunteer through One Brick and see the house and it's companion apartment as an appreciation for volunteering.

*** Programming note: I'll be sans computer and network for a few days so posting will be sparse. I hope that you are able to get Martin Luther King Jr. day off. Recent political events show how distasteful politics is and trying to claim and assign ownership for change is really a silly thing. The important thing is we try to make change for the good, and that means the work of many in the capacities and powers they have been entrusted with. On Monday, we remember that as a country we widely held values that were unchangeable, and now those most of us view think those values now look ridiculous. Take a moment on Monday to rethink our assumptions, and remember that together we have the power to change the world.


At 7:45 AM , Blogger Green Bean said...

I hadn't heard about the Sunset idea house. It is exciting that we're seeing more of this technology and maybe there might be ways for some of us to incorporate a poor man's version of some of it.

Thank you also for the inspiration re MLK. Our leaders are so disconnected from the values MLK and others of his ilk exhibited. We need to look inside ourselves for these values and hope to find some leaders who still share those values.


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