Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Frontier....

This post is best read with Donald Fagen's "New Fontier" playing in the background. The Wall Street Journal has a read on Aaron Wissner a High School Math teacher who has gone to extraordinary lengths to prepare for when we live in a peak oil world. He has stocked up provisions and started gardening in an effort for self sufficiency. In short he has gone off the grid. Are such measures the delusions of a worry wart. To each their own, but it does highlight something is that so much of our existence is predicated on cheap oil, even this computer that I'm using to type this.

Sometime low tech is best. My brother is doing an adventure race, and he's been buying supplies and one of the things that he purchased was a watch that had an altimeter and digital compass. I insisted that he purchase a good old fashion magentic compass as well. Because sometime the words "batteries not included" or worse "batteries not working" are not good words to hear. Oil and carbon consumption has become such a key part of our existence it's hard to remember how hard it is to live in a more clean way, as this quote that closed out the Journal article sums up nicely.

In the dining room, their son gurgled and cooed as Ms. Sager spooned baby food into his open mouth. "We're not there yet," she said. "It's easy to forget that growing your own food is a lot of work."


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