Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Perspective and Priority....

One of the truths of our modern age is that we crave control but we rarely get it. Often the notion of control is through the ability to buy, or to own. One of the things we're told that we can do to set our destiny is to buy a home, and with a home we want to outfit to serve our needs, Diderot's nightgown is a good example. The story behind Denis Diderot's (an 18th century philosopher) nightgown is that he receives a splendid nightgown(essay, and he realizes that it is so much nicer than anything else he owns that he feels that he has to upgrade the rest of his belongings to make it match. It's a trap we can easily fall into. And when we fall into it, we lose a lot of control.

It's hard times in the valley, and today was harder than usual. I don't want to judge today, people choose the lives they have on the best knowledge they have or with the best sense of self control that they have. I only hope that with change, we can create lives that really give us control, by creating sustainable wants.


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