Sunday, April 06, 2008

Carpool Karma....

I have to say this was a nice weekend here in the Bay Area, weather was fantastic and I was able to enjoy some of the sights, sounds and smells of springtime. A highlight of the weekend was a trek up the coast to Pt. Reyes where I was able to attend a picnic by one of oyster farms in the area. There is something truly amazing about super-fresh seafood. Now Pt. Reyes is not exactly close to San Francisco and it's not close at all to Silicon Valley (my stomping -- or working grounds) and it made sense to carpool. The gracious organizer was able to get geographically meaningful carpools and I jumped at the occasion. Even taking the train up in the morning to meet up at the carpool location. One person walked to the carpool location and away we went.

What was even better was when I got there, no one showed up alone. Everyone carpooled in some manner or another. There seems to be some magical distance or amount of time that encourages people to share the ride. Maybe people just want company for the drive. I wonder if this carpool window is changing as a function of gas prices. I wonder if it being the weekend had an impact?

Whatever, there was some good carpool karma going on.


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