Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I dare you, I double dare you....

to look around you and find something that doesn't rely on oil or gasoline to be in our lives. In my last post I ended with the doom and gloom of $5 per gallon gas, but how about $6 per gallon gas. That's the prediction of Goldman Sachs oil analyst Arjun N. Murti covered in this New York Times article where he talks about the possibility of a "super spike" in oil prices. Originally dismissed as alarmist, his predictions have come true time and time again. His basic premise is the world has an unquenchable thirst for oil, and it's derivatives. And he's not wrong.

Looking around me on my lunch break, I can't see a single item that didn't require petroleum in it's production or delivery. Not even the electricity powering this blog post is free of petrol. The apple on my desk, probably driven in a truck, my resuable plastic cup, made of oil. In our lives, oil is the air of the modern age, it's like water to a fish, it's what we propel against in our lives.

We're not going to get rid of oil, but we can use a lot less of it. Whoops that implies a choice, it's probably not going to be an option.


At 11:46 AM , Anonymous nat in Chicago said...

Hello my good friend and fellow former Boulder resident... I had this very conversation with a friend in my hometown of Chicago this morning... sustainable living and smart choices are something progressive communities have talked about and acted on (at least when possible) for years. It’s amazing how difficult it is for many people to see how things could/should be when it comes to smart consumption. Bigger, better, more has been the American way. This is new territory for most Americans. It seems that now that the hand will be forced we will have to think about our consumption decisions with a new lens.


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