Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bicycles are now bipartisan...

A few months ago I wrote about Oregon Democratic Congressman Earl Blumenauer riding his bike through Washington and acting as an advocate for Bicycle Rights. In a hopeful sign, bicycling has not only crossed the road but also crossed the political aisle as Mike Huckabee has been frequently riding his bike in Little Rock according to this U.S. News and World Report article

He too sees the multitasking benefits of car alternative transportation, even if right now his kids think he looks like a dork. Now I don't always agree with Huckabee's politics, but I do think for a party that preaches the politics of personal responsibility, he efforts to lose weight and now ride his bike to address the larger problems of our society in a personal way that most everyone can emulate should be commended. So if people say riding a bike to get around is a "tree hugger" or dare I use the L-word, liberal, kind of thing. You can point to Blumenauer and Huckabee and say, no it's not. It just makes sense no matter which side of the aisle you reside on.


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