Monday, June 16, 2008

Guess it's all about bragging rights...

Ahhhh Hollywood, it's such an easy target. Creating movies that glorify such unwholesome materialism! Even when it's in the cause of being green. The LA Times (the poor LA Times, any reporters still have a job down there. I feel for you, fresh out of college I wanted to be a journalist too, but sold my soul to the high tech world so I could ride my bike to work -- I hope we find a way for good reporting to survive) features hollywood stars falling all over each other to get the latest hydrogen cars so they can be oh so greener than thou. Tell you what, take the bus.

Take director Paul Haggis (director of Crash) despite his count this, FOUR, One, TWo, THRee, FOUR Priuses is sicking his agent to get a hold of hydrogen powered car. Hey driving it might be eco, but making it and shipping it probably wasn't. Or take actress Joely Fisher who drives a loaner BMW 7 series (a boat if there ever was one) converted for hydrogen fuel. So complex you can't even fill it yourself.

Never mind that it gets just 130 miles per tank and can be filled only by a trained professional, who takes it to Oxnard and refuels it with liquid hydrogen cooled to 423 degrees below zero, a round trip that can take three hours. The sedan comes with a feature that's worth the hassle: "Bragging rights," Fisher said, laughing.

Geez, didn't Hollywood one upsmanship create the other big ecological problem of plastic water bottles. Well that's the premise behind Elizabeth Royte's new book Bottlemania: How water went on Sale and Why We Bought it". It's amazing how through mass marketing and hollywood role model behavior something so fundamental and democratic in the form of universally available water became an environmental wasteland of empty plastic bottles and wasted fuel to move water from one part of the world to another.

And for what? Bragging rights!

Lest you think I'm only picking on Hollywood. Just wait when I start chronicling the bragging rights of the digerati. And their suppose to be educated. Let me just say, when was a 767 meant to be a "private" jet. I rest my case.


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