Tuesday, July 22, 2008

...a little voice

Yesterday I wrote about the actions I take in moving about, about when and how I move about. However, before I make any decision about how to get around, a little voice sounds in the back of mind that asks "can you do this better?" or "is this absolutely necessary?" Now, most people have a little voice in the back of their minds, some call it guilt. I think that may be too negative a spin on it, but it is meant to cause yourself to pause and ask should I do this.

As loud as my little voice is, I'm surprised at when my little voice roars, others hear crickets. I try to think why is that? Now, driving from point A to B shouldn't be that big a deal, especially if you look at the world economically. That is until it costs a lot of money. My friends and I have talked about how our social lives have changed when we now pause about running up to San Francisco for a night of fun. Before, the little voice was napping. Now the little voice is checking the wallet and speaking up.

What other little voices do we have? Sometimes my little voice goes you know you should walk or take the stairs because you could lose a little weight. (If you are watching or following the Tour de France you can relate that nothing, and I mean nothing will convince you that you should lose weight more than trying to climb a steep hill on a bicycle.) Does that little voice kick off when you are eating out and go, maybe I should pass on those french fries.

Does your little voice kick off when you leave the house and you ask yourself, "did I turn off the lights?" Is it about the environment or your pocketbook again.

But why do some people not have little voices? I think it's something about the optimism of people, that everything will be ok. That's a good thing, but there is a point where you can be delusional. Do we create little voices? Remember there was a time when we tossed litter out of our cars without abandon? What difference could it make? Or that we could treat people of a different skin color worse or better? We have little voices that remind us that all people are created.

So what does your little voice say? Does it bring you back to the world around you? Is it guilt, or is a reminder to live in the moment and think of others? Can we make the little voice something of strength instead of obligation? Or is the goal to act "right' without the little voice?

So maybe how we look at the world is a sense of perspective and impacts how we act, car or people. So how we act may be a function of what we hear from the voice within.


At 8:13 AM , Blogger Dianna said...

i think those voices are taught, and then become habit. like not throwing trash out the window because of the crying indian in the commercial. or not using a racially charged epithet because your mom will spank your ass if she hears such a thing coming out of your mouth. or turning out the lights because your dad will holler that you're trying to light up the whole neighborhood.

my inner voice mostly says "what am i forgetting? i know i'm forgetting something..." it's maddening.


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