Friday, July 25, 2008

Randy Pausch Passes Away...

Professor Randy Pausch succumbed to pancreatic cancer this morning. His last lecture served as a reminder of what we do and the why we do things, or should. I recommend checking out his last lecture, as linked here and here.

While not directly related to the environment, I thought I'd relate a story. A few months ago I finally watched the full lecture, now this was on my list of things to do but only a few months after the hub a bub was I able to watch it in its entirety. In the audience was one of my undergraduate advisers. I emailed him to see how he was doing, and it turned out that he was going to be in my neck of the woods the following week.

In life there are always opportunities, and it's a matter of seizing the moment to follow up on them. We have tons of opportunities to change the way things are, but sometimes it's just a matter of giving it a little nudge and seeing what shows up.

have a great weekend...


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