Thursday, September 18, 2008

Carbon Free Web Surfing....

Today I discovered an interesting Carbon Offsetting program for websites by a company called CO2 Stats. CO2 stats calculates the carbon impact of your website, the traffic you generate, where your viewers are and even the type of computer they use. Using those numbers, they purchase offsets on the sites behalf and you get this cool badge.

I run my site as a hobby and I exceed the 100 hits per month, so it's something I'll need to investigate. I have very mixed feelings about carbon offset programs, as they feel like green indulgences. But I do like the idea of collecting statistics to better improve your site. While statistics are good for people, they are even better when they go invisible and reconfigure to be more efficient.

If you run a site and you want to run it greener, this is worth investigating and making your own judgments about. As we better understand our energy expenditures in all parts of our lives we can make better decisions to improve our sustainability.


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