Thursday, September 04, 2008

"Come Fight With Me"

My fellow Americans, with great humility I accept your challenge of making this planet a better place. Of leaving something not just for our children, but our children's children, of leaving something of great value and that my fellow Americans is that we leave our children better values, by living better ones today so they will have a tomorrow. Through our bold acts, it is not me, it is not you, but it is us that will turn the tide, with passion we will sway the future moving side to side.

Imagine feeling stronger, healthier.
Imagine looking better, more attractive.
Imagine those when you look in the mirror and see the fat that resides on our tired bones.
Consider walking once a week, consider riding a bike, and become the better person that is inside you.
Yes, for ourselves let's become healthier for our planet, while we become healthier for ourselves.
Come ride with me, come bike with me, come walk with me, Come fight with me.

Imagine a world, where economy of action matters,
Imagine like the athletes we cherish as they seek gold
Imagine not taking that unnecessary step
Imagine wasting no energy on those powerful bouts
With grace, and economy turn off those unneeded lights, drive more efficient cars, power down those unused toys
Come turn of that switch with me, come use those more effective things, come realize that small changes make a difference, come fight with me.

Our future is ours to choose, we take steps today knowing where those steps lead us. Let's not deceive us, let's not pretend, let's take the steps that show our courage. For the fight we fight is that of a better life, of a life that matters because you would not throw money out with the trash, you would not wreck you home without a care, you would not sacrifice your children since they are your heirs.

So fight for the values, by living the values. The truth is out there, let's live it. Come fight with me.


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