Thursday, October 23, 2008

What is the definition of a city....

One of the benefits of transcontinental flying is that you get a lot of time to catch up on reading (not sure that in any way is an offset to the environmental damage, but perhaps a little enlightenment will come out of this). I was able to catch up on my issue of Wired magazine and read about architect Mitchell Joachim who is reconceptualizing modes of transportation. Imagine cars you walk in and out of. He is thinking of creating cities out of trees, so you don't grow a tree tear it down and move it to another place. Just grow the trees as the buildings. Another smart idea is building cities out of garbage. These are far out ideas that ask deeper questions of what is it mean to exist and consume. How does energy and material flow into and through our lives and why is it so. If you want to see some of his ideas, be sure to check out the website of his firm Archinode.

In the area of small world, the author of the WIred profile is Tom Vanderbilt of "Traffic" fame.


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