Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Where Flip Flopping rules.....

It's election season and being a flip flopper is bad, however according to this WSJ.com article flip flops (the shoe kind) are among the most carbon footprint friendly of footwear. Other interesting facts from the article include how to wash your clothes the most carbon friendly way:

The biggest way to cut the environmental impact of cleaning clothes, however, is to stop using a clothes dryer. Drying laundry outside on a line, Tesco says, will cut the carbon footprint of every load by a whopping 4.4 pounds.

Ironic that many new subdivisions prohibit one from drying their clothes outside because, get this, it's impact on property values. Seems like drying the laundry inside is doing wonders for keeping property values up.

Another interesting fact is that refrigeration is the largest contributor to carbon footprint in the brewing of beer. From the article it's not clear whether it's more carbon friendly than drinking milk.


At 9:40 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


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