Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bagging it so you can bike it.

Yesterday I spent a few hours with the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition and volunteers stuff the commute bags for those who visit energizer stations located all over Santa Clara and San Mateo counties this Thursday May 14. This is a day where local companies and municipalities support biking to work. And hopefully a one day event becomes a lifestyle.

I loved riding my bike to work at my old job, the the demands and location of the new job made bike commuting happen less often. You often need a lifestyle that supports bike commuting. So here's a reach out to local businesses. Build flexibility into work schedules where possible, relax the culture a little bit this summer to let people dress in more bike friendly clothes and provide showers and bike racks, or let people bring their bikes into their offices. These steps can help biking to work easier. It works in Amsterdam, it could work here.


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