Monday, June 29, 2009

Does the environment fix itself with $7 per gallon gas.

Tonight I was listening to a World Affairs Council talk called Oil Scarcity and the End of Globalization by economist Jeff Rubin who talks about the end of globalization and the rise of localization. He describes it in the terms that our carbon economy will necessarily become more expensive out of scarcity. Rubin shares stories and examples about the lunacy of our non-economic pricing of oil that leads to anomalies such as Dubai having an indoor ski resort, and that the energy to provide for each skier is basically a barrel of oil, equivalent to the driving fuel for that some individual for a month.

When oil goes up in price, assumptions such as 50 mile commutes being viable will disappear, and there are other consequences as well. Definitely worth an hour of listening or at least the first 30 minutes before Q&A.

I'll write about the consequences about the rhythms of our lives and what makes conservation so difficult. It's all about time.


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