Sunday, March 28, 2010

harvesting the sun and putting it into the grid

Mobile phones are all the rage. Everyone compares to see who has what. People spend a lot of time blinging them out with cases and rhinestones. But as cool as they look, unless they have electricity and batteries powered. With the beautiful screens and always on radio half the time the phones are paperweights. Well a company called Neon Green (note the website is "Go Neon Green" but equally well is "Gone on Green") is releasing a line of backpacks that have built in solar panels to charge your devices. The idea of going off the grid or supplementing the green is a great idea.

I've always wanted solar on my car to charge batteries for my laptop or iPod. But better yet, wouldn't it be great to plug your car into the grid to charge the grid. Imaging every parking space have a plug where our cars would connect and pump electricity from the solar panels on the roof of every car going to power the grid during peak times. We have all this space, wouldn't it be great to make it productive. And most cars just sit outside taking up space while people are at work. Let's put it to use. We don't just need smart cars, we need smart parking lots.

Any takers for passive solar everywhere?


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