Saturday, July 16, 2011

A race for the ages!!!!!

It's finally here! CARMAGGEDON! For those who haven't been overwhelmed by the debt ceiling coverage instead have been covering the important things, freedom of lightbulbs, NO! It's Carmaggedon, the closing of the 405 in Los Angeles that was going to paralyze all of L.A. (which having been to L.A., isn't that normal?)

Jet Blue in an stroke of marketing genius, is offering $4 flights between Burbank and Long Beach (that is actually cheaper than taking bus normally). Some intrepid twitterers had the genius idea, would it be faster to ride your bike. Slate has the details in this great article.

I honestly do justice to how hilarious the article is so, just stop reading and go here/ or just follow it on twitter at #flightvsbike. I'll be back with an update tomorrow.



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