Saturday, August 11, 2012

Caltrain, moving forward.

The Mountain View Voice has an article reporting on how Caltrain ridership has increased recently as a sign of the improving economy. This is good news since it shows more people can see mass transit as a viable option to their day to day lives.

In fact I am writing this post while riding Caltrain heading to brunch and a baseball game. The train is very full with most of the seats filled.

A downside which I can tolerate because I love my Kindle is that I al leaving an hour earlier than I would like and have to spend an hour more waiting for my appointment once I get to SF.

This could be alleviated by greater frequency of trains because it isn't just the travel time that makes mass transit challenging but the end to end.

Smartphones and ultra light laptops are helping us reclaim that time. Urban centers also support the proliferation of third places which help make a car free lifestyle more palatable.

To that end the increase in ridership, means that Caltrain is adding new mid day routes. Hurray. Good news indeed.


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