Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bored Buying...

This is my last post on why we buy, I didn't get a chance to catch "Maxed Out" this weekend, but if over-consumption is one of the contributors to excessive carbon consumption. (You ever notice that the word "Consuption" is the same word used for wasting away "An old and once common term for wasting away of the body, particularly from pulmonary tuberculosis (TB). Other old TB terms include the King's evil or scrofula (TB of the lymph nodes in the neck) and Pott's disease (TB of the spine)." from MedicineNet).

One of the reasons I buy, is that of as a lowest energy alternative to doing something else. Sometimes i know that i can go browse and not think, even less thinking than watching a movie or god help us television (I actually have to pay attention). We are a tired generation, and I think that is part of it. Shopping in many ways is the mental equivalence of grazing, just like a cow, wandering the aisles looking for something. I tend to do this with computers and electronics, but most of us have some sort of weakness in this area.

Sadly, sometimes buying is just desultory divestment of my hard earned dollars.


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