Saturday, March 10, 2007

The it's such a good value buy...

I talked last post about the good deal buy, a deal so good that you can't pass it up. Though really you should. This post focuses on the just in case I need it for the future post. Also, affectionately known as the "Costco Buy" I have a lot of single friends who are costco members, and to be honest I don't know why. How much do you really save by buying Toilet paper in 96 pack bundles, or whatever quantity it is. You probably shouldn't buy the megabag of chips, even though it is a good value. But you do, because it's a good value. This sort of plays on fear, but I'll need it in the future and the price of it will be more expensive. But if you are living in a high cost area, all that storage ain't cheap either. So the trade off is who's real estate to store stuff, mine or theirs?

I think marketeers pray on our fears, our fears of inflation, our fears of being without. Do we really need to buy so much of things we can get later. It's a fair question, depending on the time value of money in your life. Is sinking the money on a bushel of TP that you will definitely use, better than spending the money on a martini at the bar. Our is the money not spent until you need it sitting better in an ING account tough to tell.

Now toilet paper is easy, the volumes of DVD blanks and spices is less clear.


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