Saturday, April 12, 2008

Meat is Methane or is it CO2

The Dot Earth blog over at the New York Times has a post about in vitro meat conference. Given the carbon footprint of raising meat, can the planet survive a world of McDonalds everywhere? Well probably not if we use animals, but how about it we manufactured it in test tubes. Hmmmm. It reminds me of a scene for cyberpunk prophet William Gibson who talked about vat grown meat in one scene.

I fluctuate between vegetarianism and regular meat consumption. Soy products have become very good, and it is possible to create healthy yummy cuisine sans animal protein. There is a veggie chinese place nearby that does a fantastic job simulating meat, though that's not the point.

I am at work on some pieces that reconceptualize status, meat is something that is aspired in many parts of the world, just as cars and TVs are as well. Can we think of other types of status that have smaller carbon footprints.


At 4:03 PM , Blogger dan said...

Want to sign up here?

Or blog about it. it is an exercise in imagination about global warming. email me off line too.

danny for more info on the project

carless in Taiwan for 16 years


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