Friday, May 23, 2008

Pit Stop....

I'm trying to find ways to encourage my biking more from local trips. The hard reality is that it's going to mean that I start waking up earlier (probably not going to happen). But for non-morning trip, I decided to retrofit my mountain bike, which has not touched single track for a long time, into more of a "city bike" with city tires. I did the change over in less than half an hour last night. Sort of like and Indy Pit Stop. It cost me less than $20 and we'll see if it means I sweat less because I work less against the road. It does mean I get less of a workout, but perhaps more bike riding will even it out.

We're going to have to be more self-mobile in the future and that probably means we're going to start smelling like human beings more and more.

I wonder what is a good affordable rolling rig for replacing the car for less than 5 mile trips?


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