Sunday, July 27, 2008

If we can make it about the chix!

Talk about fate. In the morning I blog about how we need to make environmentalism sexy and super desirable when that evening I bump into my cute environmental Prius driving friend who tells me about this website her friends are working on called Hot Chix Dig which is a web pin up site in the tradition of Betty Page who reminds us that being green is HOT! There is definitely that ironic humor and women's liberation in the power of their bodies thing going on, and they basically agree to disagree with the standard feminist position.

But the premise is simple, photos of "Hot Chix" in hot poses around information about environmentalism will motivate guys to be more environmental. In the "About" section of the blog...

The Genesis of a Hot Chick.
I was in the electronic store's parking lot getting into my car, when this guy whistled at me and said "I love redheads!" Well, of course I look over and notice he's climbing out of a Prius. So I smile back with, "I love guys who drive hybrids!"

And thus, Hot Chix Dig was born.

May that unnamed dude forever be remembered by countless acts of environmentalism, done in the name of pretty ladies. Because after all, guys do what it takes to get girls. And if what it takes is a little love for Mother Nature... maybe we'll all be saved a few degrees of global warming.

This wasn't exactly what I was thinking about when I wrote about making green sexy, but speaking as a member of my gender, they might be on to something. I can imaging green pin up calendars in auto-shops by Toyota extolling the power of their synergy system.

While Hot Chix isn't exactly everyone's style (as to whether it is my style, I leave that as an open question), I appreciate any effort to get the green message in creative means. Now guys aren't the only ones who aren't environmental as my Looking for A Green Girlfriend post explored. Would a site called be as effective for the fairer sex? (it does get points for better alliteration).


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