Sunday, August 10, 2008

Maybe we need to rewrite Kyoto...

A popular exercise for states is to imagine themselves as an independent country. For instance California is ranked 7th according to Wikipedia. What if we looked at other rankings, well Marginal Revolution's Tyler Cowen looks up carbon emissions on a state by state basis.

In millions of metric tons:

Texas: 688
California: 394
Pennsylvania: 275
Ohio: 262
Florida: 256

Illinois, Indiana, and New York come next. I didn't know that Texas would rank so high on the list

On a population basis, California comes in at 36.5 million and Texas 29.3 million, Pennsylvania 12.4 M, Ohio 11.4 M and Florida 18.3 M.

Eyeballing the numbers, California comes out the best of the listed states on a per capita basis. What is most revealing is that despite California's higher regulation, it has not impacted the economic capability of the state. Perhaps it may even enhance it by providing a healthier environment for it's workers.


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